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A Stone's Carnage

A Stone's Carnage

Even more blood is split to secure their freedom, but despite the lives lost and the more they have to sacrifice, it’s still not enough to end this horrific war.

A Stone's Carnage is the third book in the new adult dark epic fantasy series, the Nightbane Series. After being held captive for a period of six months, a lot has changed. Dante's mindset and the Nightbane Guild have both undergone significant changes. The guild leader’s return has sparked doubts among both members and external observers regarding her leadership abilities, prompting heightened scrutiny and increased pressure on both her and the organization. Additionally, the ongoing war is reaching its climax and presenting the Nightbane Guild with formidable challenges as they advance upon the capital.

Sieges, battles, legendary monsters, uncovered truths, and internal demons. Every aspect of the guild is being put to the test and closely evaluated. No one is exempt from the growing tension. Loyalties are strained, relationships are pushed to their limits, and amidst it all, the simple objective of survival becomes increasingly unattainable.

Will the war resolve itself in the near future, or will further casualties be incurred as the conflict persists? Follow the Nightbane Guild to uncover the outcome.


  • All preorders will be shipped out the weekend prior to the release date.


    If you're ordering for an event, such as Sinful Signings or Getting Witchy With It, please ensure to leave a comment stating which event you're preordering for and use the address of the venue for the shipping address. This will ensure you aren't charged for shipping, and it counts as your preorder.

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