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An Ember's Shadow

An Ember's Shadow

This is just the book An Ember's Shadow


Blood frees them, but Dante's not ready to face the number of deaths that must be made to ensure that freedom.

An Ember’s Shadow is the second book in the new adult dark epic fantasy series, the Nightbane Series. Outlaws to the Bremore Kingdom, a new journey awaits the Nightbane Guild as they ally themselves with Stelux. Faced with the task of turning cities against Bremore, Dante must learn more about herself, her guild, her relationship with Alexander, and what it means to be a guild leader on the frontlines if she wishes to bring her people home safely. However, as the days go on, the guild leader’s faced with more and more impossible decisions that will test her position and her sanity.

Join Dante and the Nightbane Guild on this continuation from A Widow's Web and learn what the guild has in store for the "elven bitch Queen."


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  • An Ember's Shadow:

    • Author: B. J. Rysewyk
    • Publisher: ‎ Phantom Owl Publishing, LLC (July 4, 2023)
    • Finish: Matte
    • Language: ‎ English
    • Paperback: ‎ 542 pages
    • ISBN-13: ‎ 979-8-9860132-2-0
    • Item Weight: ‎ 1.98 lbs (0.898 kg)
    • Dimensions: ‎ 6" x 9"
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