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The Nightbane Series

The Nightbane Series

As guild leader, Dante swore several things:


1. She'd keep the Nightbane Guild safe.

2. She'd keep the Nightbane Guild a neutral party.

3. She'd uphold the core values of the Nightbane Guild.

4. She'd sacrifice herself before she’d let any of her members fall.


None of which she succeeds in upholding.




The Nightbane Guild is one of the most infamous guilds in the world and is run by the famed Black Widow, Dante. When an assignment goes horribly wrong, Dante plunges her guild into a war that could either mean their freedom or death. They must play both sides if they want to escape the war with their lives and as few casualties as possible. But, even if they win... will they truly be free, or will more blood need to be spilled?


These are just the books! There is one copy of book 1, 2, and 3.

  • All preorders will be shipped out the weekend prior to the release date.


    If you're ordering for an event, such as Sinful Signings or Getting Witchy With It, please ensure to leave a comment stating which event you're preordering for and use the address of the venue for the shipping address. This will ensure you aren't charged for shipping, and it counts as your preorder.

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