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Character Questions

Who is Dante?

Dante is the main character in the Nightbane Series. She is also the guild leader of the Nightbane Guild and is 28 years old at the start of the series.


Dante was born an orphan. Her mother died in childbirth in the middle of a forest, alone. There were no signs of her biological father being around, and Dante to this day still doesn't know. She was then taken in by a nearby werewolf pack who heard her screams after she'd been born. She was raised with the pack until she was 16, it was at this time that she was sold into slavery and sold to a vicious man named Vance.


Depending on the moment she can either be extremely laid-back, easy-going, or just an all-around great person to be around. Or, she can be very uptight, very serious, and deadly. It just depends. Dante suffers from quite a few mental health issues: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), severe depression, anxiety, paranoia, nightmares, night terrors, and more. Many of the stem from her time as a slave in the abuse she endured under the hand of Vance. However, some of them are a result of something else, which is explained later on in the series.

She is a fire user or an elemental as it’s called in this series, so she can manipulate and conjure fire at will. Ways that she can manipulate it that are shown in the series are creating fire wisps, conjuring flames in her hand or on her fingers, and conjuring weapons such as daggers, bow and arrow, and whips. She can also light certain objects and keep them from burning objects, such as weapons or clothes.

At the beginning of the series, Dante is with Felix. Felix is her second in command and her lover. When Dante and Felix first met, Felix was second in command to Vance who was Dante’s slave owner. When Vance wasn’t paying attention, Felix taught her self-defense, thieving, and assassination techniques, and was her friend when Alexander was around. After Vance was killed, there was this lull period where she and Felix were just friends, but eventually, that morphed into a relationship and the two have been together since. At the beginning of this series, the two of them have already been together for nearly a decade. However, they are having some rocky relations at this point. Dante is coming to realize that Felix just quite isn’t listening to what she has to say about certain things, their interests aren’t aligning anymore, and Felix is really starting to show his narcissistic personality. It’s that same narcissistic personality that is not only realizing is compromising their relationship but also the guild and their professional relationship. 


When A Widow’s Web begins, Dante’s best friend is Alexander. She’s known him since her time as a slave. They met when her slave owner, Vance, sent her to retrieve Alexander after he returned from an assignment.  Again, at the time she was a slave, but for him, it was love at first sight. After that, they didn’t have much interaction until she attempted suicide where he saved her and convinced her to keep on living. Since then, they’ve been the best of friends. He made sure to be there for her every time Vance abused her, he tried to stop multiple attempts and abuse whenever he caught wind of it, and even after Vance was gone Alexander was always there for her both in a professional capacity, such as assignments, or friendly capacity, as a friend. To this day, the two of them are thick as thieves. They have this wonderful witty banter between them that to an outsider looking in it would look like they’re insulting each other, but in reality, they’re actually building each other up and joking with one another.

Who is Felix?

Felix is the second in command to the night being killed and Dante’s lover. He is 36 years old at the start of the series. Felix was actually born into a wealthy merchant class family. He’s described as growing up with a silver spoon in his mouth, brought up to be a lord, but ultimately watched his family being murdered before avenging their murder himself. It was after he avenge them that he joined the guild and eventually rose to the ranks of second in command under Vance.


Depending on whom you ask, Felix can either be super helpful, very nice, or easy to talk to. Or, he can be a narcissistic asshole who likes to manipulate people into either doing his bidding or seeing his way. Both are correct. Felix is 100% a narcissist, he will manipulate his own characteristics and personality to adapt to the person that he’s speaking to. If he wants something out of them he will turn up the charm and eventually manipulate them into seeing his way; or, he will berate them, break them down, and eventually convince them that what they’re doing is wrong and he was right the whole time. Again, it really depends on how useful you are to him and how much you rebel against his train of thought and his points of view.


Felix is a normal human. He does not have any magical abilities, he’s not part of any species. He is entirely human like you and me and is perfectly content with that. He also has no animosity towards those who have magical abilities and does not resent them for what he does not have.


At the beginning of the series, Felix is with Dante. When he and Dante first met, Felix was second in command to Vance, who was Dante’s slave owner. On certain nights Vance would send Dante to Felix in hopes that he would not only rape her but would break her down and belittle her the way that dance would. However, instead, Felix taught her self-defense, thieving, and assassination techniques as a way to build her up and give her a sense of reprieve when Vance wasn’t around. It was also in these moments that Felix would feed her well and remove the shackles that nullified her magic allowing her to truly feel like herself. It was in these moments that Felix and Dante built up their relationship and became good friends. Aside from Alexander, Dante would tell Felix everything, would really confide in him, and use him as a sounding board.


After Vance was killed, initially, Dante had asked Felix if he wanted to step up and be guild leader. Felix turned it down, he did not want to be guild leader, he did not want that responsibility. He was content with his position. So, with that, Dante asked Felix to be her second in command not only because he had the role previously, but because he knew the aspects of the role and what it entailed. He also had a sense of leadership that she knew she could lean on as guild leader. This is where the novel picks up, ten years after Vance has been killed, and the guild is in a really great place both financially and professionally.

Who is Alexander?

Alexander is probably the closest thing to the main character than a side character can get. He is not his best friend, he is a lieutenant in the Nightbane Guild, he is twenty-five years old at the start of the series, and he is a man written by a woman.

There is no doubt about it, everyone loves Alexander, both readers, and characters in the novel. Alexander has a very laid-back personality, he’s very easy to work with, a jokester, witty, sensitive when he wants, and genuinely cares about the people in his life. At the same time, he does have a deadly side to him. He did do a stint as an assassin but didn't care for it.

Not much is known about Alexander’s origins. The only person he’s revealed them to is Nauzar, who is one of his best friends. However, it is known that Alexander was dropped off at the guild at an early age, roughly six years old, and was basically raised by the guild. He became one of the youngest lieutenants at sixteen and had his own crew by the time he was thirteen. He was always a fast learner, he sticks to his guns, and he is very determined to not only help those around him but better than guild in every aspect. The Nightbane Guild is his life and he’s going to make sure that he does everything in his power to make sure it doesn’t crumble around him.

When A Widow’s Web begins, one of Alexander’s best friends is Dante. The two of them met after he had come back from receiving the assignment and didn’t immediately check in with Vance. As such, Vance sent Dante to go retrieve him. Initially, their meeting did not go well. He accused Dante of being a slut before realizing that she was a slave. It was very much love at first sight for him, but not for her. He tried walking back his words but unfortunately didn’t succeed and offended her, rightfully so. It was about a year before Alexander saw her and could interact with her again. It was at this time that he not only learned her name, but he stopped her from an attempted suicide. Upon stopping her he convinced her that he would be there for her with every step moving forward and then he would never leave her. But doing so, he gave her something to hold onto, something to not only call her own by to latch onto when she felt like nothing else was there. It was also with this that he began to try and prevent Vance from abusing her further. He would try and stop lashings, he would try and step in to prevent Vance from physically abusing her in other ways, both normal abuse and sexual abuse. If he couldn’t get there in time, he made sure to be there after work to help clean her up, take care of any wounds she had, and make sure that she knew and remembered herself and what she stood for.

It was in that year that the two of them became very close and became thick as thieves. After her advancement to guild leader, she and Alexander became even closer, often joining her on assignments and backing her up during jobs. They would also go out nightly, they would hang out together during the day, etc. As they both grew older, eventually the banter and hangouts weren’t enough. Things escalated to creating dangerous bets, trying to outdo one another, roughhousing, etc. Eventually, the guild came to know them both by a saying: “when the two of them are together the Gods make bets.” What this means is some of their roughhousing, some of their bets got so dangerous it borderline deadly or often came close to killing one of them. There were numerous times when one of them was confined to the infirmary for months at a time due to a serious injury, nightmares/terrors were had for months, etc. The two of them really love pushing the boundary with one another and seeing who could be the stupidest.

Alexander’s other best friend is Nauzar. Nauzar, now, is known as the spymaster lieutenant. He is able to manipulate shadows. Alexander first met Nauzar when he was eight years old, Nauzar was 10 at the time. Alexander’s homeland had a dialect similar to Nauzar’s, so when is our first came to the guild and couldn’t speak a lick of the common tongue, Alexander not only translated everything Sara had to say but also type the spymaster in the common tongue. To this day, the two are basically brothers. They have shared a tent together since Nauzar first arrived at the camp, the two seem to know things or know what each other is thinking just by a single look. They’ve also gone on a number of assignments together, like Dante and Alexander, and have had each other’s back since the beginning.

Who is Jade?

Jade is a thief of the Nightbane Guild. Her lieutenant is Alexander and is a captain under his command. She helps look after the other thieves under Alexander and helps him with anything else he might need. She's XXX years old and is currently dating Nauzar. Many view Jade as a mom figure of the guild. She's someone guild members feel like they can go to for advice, to confide in, and even just hang out with. There are very few people who don't like Jade.

Not much is known about this character at this time. Jade is a side character that doesn't show up as often as Alexander or Felix.

Who is Nauzar?

Nauzar​ is a side character and a lieutenant of the Nightbane Guild. He looks after twenty-five spies for the guild and has an affinity for manipulating shadows. Nauzar is from a land named Treaston where the people were gifted magic by dragons. Since his people are from the badlands and predominantly reside in caves and ravines, the people of that region could manipulate shadows and some can see in the dark (not Nauzar). 

Nauzar came to the guild when he was 10 years old. When he first joined, he didn't know a lick of the common tongue. Because his dialect was so similar to Alexander's native tongue, the two shared a tent, and Alexander was tasked with teaching the young Nauzar the common tongue. Because the two were in such close proximity, they became best friends and to this day feel like brothers. They know everything about one another and seem to understand each other better than most.

Who is Farrynn Varieth?

Farrynn is the Queen of the Bremore Kingdom and a side character of the series. Farrynn is the antagonist of the series and believes that all those associated with the Nightbane Guild are trash and beneath her.

Farrynn, with the help of her royal guard, Roran, and the council set a trap for the Nightbane Guild to force them into contractual employment with the kingdom. She doesn't agree with the guild's practices and hinders them from doing their job because she wants to keep the guild and the kingdom's actions honorable. However, as Dante repeatedly tells her, that is harming her kingdom and making her lose the war.

While Farrynn despises the guild, she loathes Dante. Dante seems to know what buttons to press and tells her things Farrynn doesn't want to hear. Also, because of her laidback personality and ability to take things in stride, Farrynn envies her. She's bogged down with so much more and isn't able to move through the problems as fluidly as the guild leader.

Who is Arryn Varieth?

Arryn is Farrynn's younger sister and a Princess of Bremore. Not much is known about the Princess. She goes to school near Mslone and is guarded by a number of guards at all times.

Do you have any LGBTQ+ characters?

Yes! Actually, the main character and her best friend, Alexander, are both bisexual. As the story progresses (i.e. as more books come out), you'll see more and more LGBTQ+ characters.

Is the main character in a relationship prior to the novel starting or does she find love in the novel?

When A Widow's Web begins, Dante is in a committed relationship with her second in command, Felix. At the start of the story, they've been in a relationship for nearly ten years but they've known each other for twelve.

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Nightbane Guild

the Nightbane Guild Questions

What is Dante's position in the Nightbane Guild?

Guild Leader

In A Widow's Web, who is Dante's second in command?


What is the hierarchy of the Nightbane Guild?

So, this question is a little complicated because while the guild is structured as a hierarchy, in some areas it's also based on skillset. This is the overall hierarchy of the guild:

Guild Leader

The guild leader is the person who runs the show. In Nightbane Guild history, guild leaders have been selected based on who asserts themselves into that position and garners the majority support of the members. Only once in guild history has there ever been an election, the rest has been taken through blood.


Second in Command

The position of second in command is there to help the guild leader run the show. Depending on the guild leader, this position can range from making sure every guild member has what they need before they go out on assignment two snoring down at the members and treating them as if they're no better than the rats in the gutter. It really depends on the leadership and what roles are given to them by the guild leader. However, their main position is to assist the guild leader with anything that they need and offer advice when called upon.



Elders are members of the guild that are too old to do assignments and too old to teach. Essentially, they're well-respected members of the guild that did their time and are there to either help look after the little ones or offer sage advice to the guild leader. Because of their age, they also don't go on assignments when the majority of the guild is called upon. They will stay behind with the women and children.



Lieutenants are where things get tricky. When I say it's based on a skillset, what I mean is the lieutenants look after smaller groups of guild members. Now, each of those groups is tailored to one of the skill sets that the guild has the offer: assassins, thieves, spies, and mercenaries. So, while there are fifteen lieutenants, only three are for assassins, three for spies, five are mercenaries and four for thieves. Now, some of those lieutenants handle more than one skill set (ex. handles both mercenaries and thieves). It really depends if they cross-train.
It's also good to know that each lieutenant handles twenty-five guild members in their group. They're responsible for training them, making sure that they have everything they need for their assignments, keeping up with our daily lives, making sure they're staying healthy, etc. They are solely responsible for their group.



As previously mentioned, lieutenants look after twenty-five guild members. No, depending on the lieutenant they may have one to five different captains to help keep up with their group. These captains will help break up the twenty-five different members into smaller groups to help manage them better. Usually, captains are looked at when a lieutenant spot opens as they handle a leadership role within the crew that they're assigned.



Every single person who pledges their life to the Nightbane Guild is a member. This includes guild leaders, second in commands, lieutenants, etc. A person is only made a member once they've gone through extensive training and pledges their life to the guild leader and the organization. The youngest a person can join is sixteen. Typically, if someone joins extremely young they are trained in multiple skill sets and are only inducted as a member when they either turn sixteen or finish all their skillsets; whatever happens first.


Support Members

Support members are not true members of the Nightbane Guild. These people include spouses, children, elderly folk, and anyone who helps and assists the guild but has not pledged their life to the organization. They are only associated with the guild through a member. These people typically help with cooking for the guild, chores, moving, etc.

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Kingdom Questions

What is the Bremore Kingdom?

The Bremore Kingdom is the kingdom the Nightbane Guild works for and is ruled by Farrynn Varieth. The kingdom is not as large as their enemy, the Stelux Empire; however, they are still rich with workable land, a mountainous region, and one of the largest forests on the island.

What is the Stelux Empire?

The Stelux Empire is the kingdom the Bremore Kingdom is at war with. It's ruled by King Nasir Raynar and is made up of numerous territories. Not too much is known about the Stelux Empire, aside from the fact that they're winning the war between the two nations. 

Why are the two nations warring?

The war began when Farrynn was young. Her mother, brother, and herself went to the Stelux Empire when Bremore was a part of the Empire. After an assassination attempt on the Queen, Prince, and Princess, the King of Bremore attempted to assassinate the King of the Stelux in retaliation but failed. Due to both assassination attempts failing, and heated feelings of them, the two nations began their war.

How long has the war been going on?

Over a hundred years, it's never clearly said.

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the Nightbane Series Questions

What is the first book in this series?

The first book in the series is A Widow's Web.

What is the timeline for book one?

From beginning to end, A Widow's Web takes place over the course of about six months.


What is the release date for all your books?

Each book will be released on Halloween one year apart. So, A Widow's Web is being released on October 31, 2022, book two will be released on October 31, 2023, and so on.


Is A Widow's Web a standalone?

No. A Widow's Web is part of the Nightbane series and will be at least five books with a collection novel.


What is the Collection Novel?

The collection novel will be a collection of short stories and scenes from the books in. different points of view.


What do you mean by "different points of view?"

In the collection novel, there will be scenes from different books in the series that'll be depicted from other points of view. These scenes will be crucial moments throughout the series that'll help paint the scene in a new light or bring unanswered questions some resolution.

Does book one end on a cliffhanger?

Yes, A Widow's Web does end on a semi-cliffhanger. There is some resolution at the end, but it can still be classified as a cliffhanger.

When will the title for book two be released?

The title for the second book will be announced in December. I'd like the first book to get the hype time it deserves before teasers and the title for book two starts appearing.


When will you be starting teasers for book two?

Book two teasers will be appearing 1 January. This gives A Widow's Web and readers two months of uninterrupted reading time before I begin bombarding you with information about the second book.

Does your series have trigger warnings?

This novel is dark, I'm not going to lie. This story contains elements that might be disconcerting to some readers, including, but not limited to, depictions of and references to death, murder, self-harm, all classes of abuse and assault, and explicit sexual content.


Additionally, the main character suffers from mental disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, paranoia, and borderline personality disorder as a result of her time as a slave.


I urge you to look at the content warnings here and be sure this is the novel for you. You, as my reader, are of my utmost priority and I want to make sure you take care of yourself and your mental health before diving into the world of the Nightbane Series.

What is the reading order of the series?

A Widow's Web

TBA 2022

TBA 2023

TBA 2024

TBA 2025

Collection Novel

Do you have any LGBTQ+ characters?

Yes! Actually, the main character and her best friend, Alexander, are both bisexual. As the story progresses (i.e. as more books come out), you'll see more and more LGBTQ+ characters.

Are there any books that are similar to yours aesthetic-wise?

Of course(: If you like any of the following novels, you'll love my book:

- From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L. Armentrout

- A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

- Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

- The Witcher Series by Andrzej Sapkowski

- A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin

- The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

- Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder

- Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

- The King Raven Series by Stephen R. Lawhead

What is the genre/age-appropriateness of your series?

The overarching genre/age group for this novel is new adult, dark, epic, high fantasy. It does have action and adventure, a little bit of suspense, and it does have spice. However, because of the dark and mature nature of some of the chapters, I do not recommend this book to anyone under the age of 18 years old. I know some teenagers are a bit more mature, but this book deals with very mature themes such as sex, death, mental disorders, and physical abuse, among other things.

Were there any movies that inspired scenes in A Widow's Web?

Yes! Way too many to count! Pirates of the Caribbean was a big one for some of the earlier chapters. Some other movies like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, King Arther (the Clive Owen version) held major inspiration for the novel. Otherwise television shows such as the Tudors, Game of Thrones, Reign, and the Witcher also were major players when it came to crafting the novel and offering references for clothing, fighting maneuvers, and dialogue.

What is the timeline for book one?

From beginning to end, A Widow's Web takes place over the course of about six months.

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* TBA = To Be Announced


Plot Questions

Questions will populate after the book is released.

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Writing Process

Writing Process Questions

What was your favorite part to write and why?

My favorite part to write is a scene near the end of the novel where Dante confronts the Queen and calls her out on her bullshit. Both insults and weapons are brandished and two separate parties end up injured. It's a very powerfully charged scene that really makes you look at the characters for who they really are.

Who was the easiest character to write?

Alexander for sure. He's so witty, so funny. He's such a fun and laid-back kind of character that you'd wish he was real because he'd be amazing to hang out with. Everything about him, while writing, just came naturally and didn't have to be forced.


Who was the hardest character to write?

Shitlix--I mean Felix(: Felix is a narcissistic asshole who likes manipulating people into doing his bidding or seeing his way. Writing his POVs was. a pain in my ass because I, as a person, am the complete opposite and despise people like that.

How did you come up with the name of your characters?

Dante was a name that I've always loved. I know in our world it's a male name, but I love it so much I was like "fuck it" and turned it female. It meant enduring and I felt like it was perfect for my FMC.

Other names like Nauzar and Alexander I acquired from a site called This site is amazing and has generators for everything from LOTR to German names.

How far along are you in your writing journey?

I am currently working on book II of the Nightbane Series. I will be working on this, both writing and editing, until November at least.


What made you want to start writing this novel?

Dante is actually a character that I've been working with for 16 years. She was a roleplay character that I used on IMVU, a written forum-like platform. After working with her for so long, I really wanted to take her story and turn it into a full-length series that could engage others and help share my passion for this character.

Do you use any particular programs for your writing?

Yep! I use Scrivner and Google Docs to write my novel and Grammarly to spell check it (because commas are the bane of my existence).

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